Writing and Support Center

MSA University - Faculty of Languages - Writing Center


The Writing and Support Center at MSA provides a free writing tutoring service on campus for students to promote their success as university students. The Writing and Support Center helps undergraduate students in all faculties and majors to enhance their academic writing, communication, and presentation skills in a friendly and stress-free environment. The Writing and Support Center offers MSA students guidance on their assignments and academic tasks at all stages involved in the writing process: from brainstorming and prewriting techniques to writing skills, citation and proofreading strategies.


The Writing and Support Center at MSA offers two main services: - One-to-one consultations The writing and support center provides one-to-one assistance to students on their writing and academic tasks as well as feedback and follow up tutorials. Tutors will help students improve their academic skills on a given task and provide tips and resources to students to become more confident and successful writers. Tutors will primarily offer help in the following areas: ▪ Organizational skills: brain storming, outlining, and prewriting techniques
▪ Language skills: language structure and mechanics
▪ Study skills: paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting, synthesizing, and integration of sources
▪ Avoidance of plagiarism and maintaining academic honesty
▪ Communication and presentation skills - Workshops The Writing and Support Center offers both specialized and tailored workshops on varied topics to students in all disciplines. Sessions will be delivered by keynote speakers, and faculty members. The purpose of the workshops is to provide academic support to MSA students in any subject or field. The following are examples of workshops topics which can be tailored and customized to assist students: • Primary Research Techniques
• Writing a Literature Review
• Integration of Sources and Avoidance of Plagiarism
• Communication and Presentation skills
• General Translation Skills
• Creative and Literary Writing
• Technical/Business Writing Skills

Students can now make appointments and book their sessions by contacting the Writing & Support Center in the Faculty of Languages- Room A215 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.