Dean's Welcome Note.

Prof. Dr. Soha Raafat Dear Students, Congratulations on your choice of the Faculty of Languages, MSA, and a hearty welcome to the only Faculty of its kind in Egypt that awards a British BA certificate along with the Egyptian one. The Faculty of Languages has started a British partnership with the University of Bedfordshire in England in 2014. Ever since our partnership started our criteria and delivery have been aligned to the British system of education.Our welcome is extended to continuing students at the Faculty in years 2, 3 and our senior class students too.
Working closely with you in classrooms, language labs or providing extra support outside classrooms contributes to your knowledge, development and awareness by the time you graduate. The carefully selected team of staff members is fully aware of the changing dynamics of the job market that determine the regular development of strategies and services offered to you in one of the four offered majors, Translation, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Executive Business Skills and Comparative Studies. Engagement in the learning process and participation in various kinds of cultural and extracurricular activities would equip you with tools that would shape your future. Indeed, we are eager to prepare you for a bright future during which our bond with you never ends.
Prof. Soha Raafat
Dean of the Faculty of Languages
MSA University