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  • Wednesday, 05 December 2018 13:19

MSA University - MWHO

1. About:

MSA MWHO is simulation model for the World Health Organization (WHO), founded by MSA University students from the Faculty of Pharmacy on August 2015. Students joining this organization have the opportunity to take on the responsibilities of health officials in the field of international public health and policy, and develop their character by going through trainings and real life situations designed to enhance their soft skills.

2. Vision:

Developing passionate students in order to form the next generation of leaders that can climb the stairway to make MSA MWHO the #1 club in MSA University.

3. Mission:

By achieving maximum success through ● Recruiting enthusiastic members with potential to be further developed
● Working according to our specific plan to achieve each part of it
● Giving our maximum effort in every event we manage to be part of
● Recruiting delegates to develop their personal academic knowledge and debating skills

4. Goal:

Find students capable of developing MSA MWHO’s mission, vision and goals and achieving them perfectly. Moreover, for them to pass on the torch to other competent students who will keep these responsibilities alive.

5. Brief History:

MSA MWHO is a student organization founded by MSA University students from the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2015. In the past years several activities and events has been achieved. At the end of each year, an Annual Conference has been hosted covering different health issues. The 1st Annual Conference discussed the “Ebola Virus”, the 2nd discussed “HCV” while the 3rd “Mental Health Issues”. Moreover, in the year of 2017/2018, the organization has witnessed the addition of two new committees: Juniors and UNICEF, and a new council: the Arabic Council, each with the intention of climbing further up the staircase to our success. In the fall of 2017, our first Juniors conference had been held, where school students have been recruited to get the unique delegate experience of MSA MWHO. The topics discussed were “The Effects of Video Games on Health” and “Organ Trafficking”. Amongst our major achievements, are the two UNICEF campaigns held the past year; the first aimed at spreading public awareness about the “Importance of Vaccination”, while the second was hosted inside of the MSA Campus and aimed at raising awareness among students about “Mental Health Issues”.

6. High Board Structure:

● Director General
● Director Executive of Board of Organizing Committee (DEBOC)
● Deputy Director Executive of Board of Organizing Committee (Deputy DEBOC)
● Director Executive of Board of Academic Committee (DEBAC)
● Deputy Director Executive of Board of Academic Committee (Deputy DEBAC)

7. Academic Advisors:

● Dr. Ahmed Maher
● Dr. Mohamed Farouk
● Dr. Eman Sherine

8. Graduate Advisors:

• Mohammed Ali
• Atef Emad
• Anas Dereny
• Khaled Sayed

9. Committees:

1. Academic committee:
● English Council
● Arabic Council 2. Organizing Committee:
● Coordination & Logistics
● Fundraising
● Human Resources
● Juniors
● Marketing & Public Relations
● Media & Publication
● Reception

10. Sponsors and Partners:

● Edmonton World Health Organization Simulation
● AinShams Model World Health Organization

11. MSAMWHO Founders:

● Mohammed Ali
● Omar Bayoumy
● Ahmed Abdelrahman
● Omar Gamal
● Heba El Refaay
● Afaf Bastawesy

MSA MWHO Portfolio 2017-2018

Click here to view or download the MSA MWHO Portfolio 2017-2018


Facebook: MSA - MWHO page