Our graduates work here

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  • Monday, 18 January 2021 14:36

MSA University - Our graduates work here

The Faculty of Languages celebrates its well-rounded graduates who go on to make an extraordinary mark on the world with wide-ranging skills and creative minds. The job fields for our graduates are many and varied. Our graduates have distinguished careers in Banking, Teaching, Translation & Interpretation, Human Resources, Cinema & Film Making, Marketing & Management, Social Media, Market Intelligence, Script & E-content Writing, Designing & Creative Arts, & Customer Support.
A sampling of job titles that our graduates hold:

I. Banking:

Mai Ibrahim Mohamed
Mai Ibrahim MohamedProcurement Team @ Credit Agricole Bank
Salwa AbdelHamid Mahmoud
Salwa AbdelHamid MahmoudHR specialist @ Agriculture Bank of Egypt
Alaa Abdelrahman
Alaa AbdelrahmanCustomer service agent @ CIB Bank
Asmaa Kamel Mohamed
Asmaa Kamel MohamedOperations Associate @ HSBC Bank

II. Cinema:

Aya Tarek Mohamed
Aya Tarek MohamedActress
Menna Sameh Mohamed
Menna Sameh MohamedActress

III. Human Resources:

Amira El Sayed Ahmed
Amira El Sayed AhmedVodafone - HR phone screener
Rosol Ahmed Mahmoud
Rosol Ahmed MahmoudAmr Omar Architects - HR assistant
Aya Ashraf Ahmad
Aya Ashraf AhmadVodafone - HR adminstrator
Noha Adel Mohamed
Noha Adel MohamedNAOS - HR specialist
Mariam Rady Abdulazim
Mariam Rady AbdulazimBITES - HR assistant
Omnia Mahmoud Ali
Omnia Mahmoud AliRaya Restuarants - HR recruiter
Jaydaa Hossam
Jaydaa HossamEl Sewedy Trading - HR assistant
Mariam Wael
Mariam WaelMajorel - HR recruiter
Mayar Ahmed Amer
Mayar Ahmed AmerWemng - Talent Acquisition specialist
Nada Mohamed
Nada MohamedIHC - HR junior
Samar Emad
Samar EmadAbraj Real-estate - HR specialist
Fayrouz Khaled Farouk
Fayrouz Khaled FaroukSWVL - HR generalist
Mennatullah Ahmed Hosny
Mennatullah Ahmed HosnyWADI Group - Talent Acquisition specialist
Sherouk Ahmed ElDegwi
Sherouk Ahmed ElDegwiAgility Egy Logistics - Recruitment specialist

IV. Teaching:

Alaa Amr Abd El Hai
Alaa Amr Abd El HaiAl Orman Modern Language School - English teacher
Marie Adel Lamie
Marie Adel LamieEl Salam Language School - English teacher
Farida El Saed Mahmoud
Farida El Saed MahmoudEl Basaher International School - English teacher
Salma Assem Ezzeldeen
Salma Assem EzzeldeenNermeen Ismail Schools - English teacher
Nada Hossam Mohamed
Nada Hossam Mohamed4level1 - English teacher
Salma Mohamed Hamed
Salma Mohamed HamedMadinaty Integrated Language School - English teacher
Mariam Khaled Mohamed
Mariam Khaled MohamedBritish School at Cairo - English teacher
Menna Abd El Moneim El Toukhy
Menna Abd El Moneim El ToukhyBritish School at Cairo - English teacher
Kareem Raouf
Kareem RaoufDar El Tarbiah Language School - English teacher
Rawan Nasser Mohamed
Rawan Nasser MohamedRukan International Nursery - English teacher
Margret Raymond Ragi
Margret Raymond RagiBrilliance International school - English teacher
Ogeny Amgad
Ogeny AmgadMavericks International school - English teacher
Fatma Hussein
Fatma HusseinBedayia International school - English teacher
Monica Emad
Monica EmadMavericks International school - English teacher
Mariam AlAgamy
Mariam AlAgamyDar El Tarbiah IGCSE - English teacher
Hibatallah Medhat
Hibatallah MedhatSunnyside International Preschool - Academic supervisor
Summer Mohamed Gad
Summer Mohamed GadMiddle East International School - Home room teacher
Farah Saleh Emad
Farah Saleh EmadSelf-employed - ESL private teacher
Salma ElSayed
Salma ElSayedBritish Council - Invigilator

V. Content Writing

Lobna Essam Mohamed
Lobna Essam MohamedEMMA - Content writing& content creating
Hadeer Mohamed
Hadeer MohamedSafa Tours - Content writer
Menna Hamdy
Menna HamdyContentPit - Content writer

VI. Translation:

Aya Mahmoud Ashour
Aya Mahmoud AshourTranshome - Translator
Mehra Osama Abdelhameed
Mehra Osama AbdelhameedTranshome - Translator
Salma Ayman Mohamed
Salma Ayman MohamedTanweir for translation services - Translator
Rana Mohamed Allam
Rana Mohamed AllamEgyMark - Translator

VII. Call Center:

Fayrouz Tarek Mohamed
Fayrouz Tarek MohamedVodafone Ireland - Customer service agent
Morad Mohamed AbdelRahman
Morad Mohamed AbdelRahmanCentro - Customer service agent
Yomna Hamdy Yehia
Yomna Hamdy YehiaTeleperformance - Customer service agent
Shurouq Tarek Abdulaziz
Shurouq Tarek AbdulazizNAOS - Customer service agent
Hagar Ashraf Hussein
Hagar Ashraf HusseinNAOS - Customer service agent
Menna Raouf
Menna RaoufVodafone - Customer service agent
Noha Ramadan
Noha RamadanVodafone - Billing analyst
Ahmed Khaled Gad
Ahmed Khaled GadTalabat - Team leader
Noora Ashraf
Noora AshrafShahry - Team Leader
Dina Hassan Abdelaziz
Dina Hassan AbdelazizEdara Property Mangament - Senior representative
Caroline Nessim Labib
Caroline Nessim LabibVodafone - Quality assurance analyst

VIII. Administration

Basma Mohamed Sherif
Basma Mohamed SherifNile University - Admin assistant/provost office
Nehal Elhussein Mohamed
Nehal Elhussein MohamedMSA University - Admin assistant/QA
Yomna Hady
Yomna HadyArab Academy - admin assistant
Nehal Walid Muhamed
Nehal Walid MuhamedAl-Waleed Autoparts - Accounting manager
Nancy Hossam Farouk
Nancy Hossam FaroukOrange - Account manager
Donia Mohamed Ahmed
Donia Mohamed AhmedEye Media productions - Account manager
Samiha Hesham
Samiha Hesham8x8 Agency - Account manager
Reem Mohamed Elzeeny
Reem Mohamed ElzeenyMarketing agency - Account executive
Donia Hany Muhamed
Donia Hany MuhamedAbodonia Textile - CEO assistant
Farida Mohamed Elsherbini
Farida Mohamed ElsherbiniEzz Al Arab - Market intelligence/logistics specialist
Omar Nassar
Omar NassarTalabat - Logistics specialist

IX. Designing:

Reem Nabil Mohamed
Reem Nabil MohamedSwira Designs - Graphic designer

X. Social media:

Eman Ahmed Selim
Eman Ahmed SelimWhat Women Want Magazine - Social media specialist
Rana Ashraf Ismail
Rana Ashraf IsmailTripscout - Social media specialist
Karin Remon
Karin RemonJumia - Social media specialist
Omar Ahmed
Omar AhmedOSN - Social media specialist