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The Faculty of Languages is validated by Bedfordshire University in England. The certificate awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education to the graduate of the Faculty of Languages is equivalent to the certificate awarded by Faculties of Alsun in Egypt. The Faculty of Languages is therefore a distinguished faculty as it is the first of its kind that provides its students with two certificates, British and Egyptian. It is set up with a view to meet the demands dictated by a fast changing world heading towards globalization. In such a world characterized by an ever increasing body of information and fast communication, the need arises for catching up with up-to-date information, understanding global culture and at the same time preserving a national identity. The Faculty of Languages offers four separate programmes, namely BA (Hons) Translation, BA (Hons) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), BA (Hons) Executive Skills, and BA (Hons) Comparative Studies. The main aim of the faculty is to help students acquire deep knowledge and understanding of major concepts and acquire critical thinking and professional skills in the fields of English Language Studies; and to prepare them to become effective and dynamic in job markets. Staff members of the faculty of Languages MSA, work hard in order to bring the world of education of our British partners at Bedfordshire University to our students and proudly present our students & graduates to the international job market.

Certificates/ Bachelor Degrees Awarded by Bedfordshire University to Graduates of the Faculty of Languages

1- BA (Hons) in English Language Studies (Translation):

This programme offers extensive training in written, consecutive and simultaneous translation. Graduates of this sequence will be fully qualified and capable of handling the transfer of knowledge and information from one language to another. .

2- BA (Hons) in English Language Studies (Executive Skills):

This programme aims at offering extensive training in managerial skills. Graduates of this sequence will have a good grasp of modern theories of management and modern information systems. Providing the students with a rich set of practical skills that render them fully prepared for employment upon graduation. Providing the students with the skills necessary to further their education and develop their skills after graduation.

3- BA (Hons) in English Language Studies in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL):

This programme aims at qualifying students for a teaching career in international Education Institutions. Students aiming at a teaching career are offered the most up-to-date teaching methods and approaches. Besides teaching methodology courses, students are also trained in various methods of testing and evaluation and the latest trends in the field of teaching ESP.

4- BA (Hons) in English Language Studies (Comparative Studies):

This sequence aims at offering extensive training in the field of comparative studies. In addition, comparative studies prepare students to be qualified, knowledgeable and skilled in the field of cultural and artistic professions such as vital positions in the world of Cinema and Performative Arts.

In addition to the above we focus on the following:

  • Providing four levels in a Second Foreign Language (Spanish, German or French).
  • Developing students’ critical thinking and research skills.
  • Improving students’ presentation skills.
  • Enhancing students’ professional and practical skills.
  • Students of Faculty of Languages:

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