How to Apply

Step 1

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Please fill the online application then print it and keep it with your admission papers


To know more about the certificates & required subjects Click here

Step 2

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After filling the application form pay 500 EGP (This includes the English Language Placement Test and Parents’ Involvement Program) via Fawry service, check your email for the confirmation email and to follow up with the admission process


Note: There is 1000 EGP fees for the capacity test (Faculty of Arts & Design)

Step 3

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Always check your email in the application form regularly to be informed and updated with all the registration steps

Step 4

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Reserve your English Placement Test (ELPT)

ELPT is available on a daily basis on MSA campus Except Fridays


You have three chances for the English Placement Test, the second and the third trials are optional and each costs 200EGP (Via fawry services)

Step 5

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Reserve your Interview/Club and parents’ involvement program date online


If you would like to attend a second choice club for another faculty, you must pay 500 EGP via Fawry Services


For Arts & Design applicants; Reserve the capacity course and bring your art portfolio to the University's campus.

Step 6

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You are kindly requested to finalize all the admission steps as quickly as possible to be able to enjoy the advantages of the early admission program,


As well as to enable MSA university to send your data amongst the nominated names for 2021/2022 admission to the centralized electronic Tanseek (تنسيق) of the ministry.

Step 7

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  • Once your results are out, please visit the Ministry Electronic Tanseeq website on the specified dates set by the ministry to choose your desired faculties; MSA is looking forward to welcoming you as a member of its family

  • Once your Tanseeq results (ترشيح) is out,You will be notified with your next step to finalize your acceptance.





دفع مصروفات التقديم عن طريق فوري - Pay by Fawry

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بامكان الطالب التوجه الي اي مكان به خدمة فوري وتبليغ صاحب المكان بالدفع لرقم العملية (الذي تم ارساله للطالب عن طريق الموبايل او الايميل المسجل ) في حساب Fawry Pay أو كود خدمة رقم 788
بعد عملية الدفع، يستلم الطالب ايصال مدون به مبلغ رسوم التقديم 500 جنية مصرى لصالح حساب جامعة اكتوبر للعلوم الحديثة والآداب - مكتب القبول.
ملاحظات هامة:
1: يجب دفع مصروفات التقديم خلال ٤٨ ساعة، اذا تخطى الطالب المدة، يجب ان يحصل على رقم عملية دفع اخرى.
2: للطلبة الراغبين فى الإلتحاق بكلية الفنون والتصميم : يتم دفع مبلغ 1000 جنية مصرى رسوم الإشتراك فى الدورة التدريبية وأداء إمتحان القدرات الفنية.


- The Student could visit any place offering Fawry service and pay with the payment number (which was sent to the student on his registered mobile number or email address) in an account named Fawry Pay or the service code 788
- Once the payment is done the student will receive a receipt for the amount of application fees 500 EGP for October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Admissions Office.

Note: There is 1000 EGP fees for enrolling into the capacity training and test for the Faculty of Arts & Design


- Note: The application fee must be paid within 48 hours. If the student exceeds the period, he / she must obtain another payment number



Apply Now for Admission

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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