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  • Sunday, 23 December 2018 10:15

1. About:

The main target of MSA-STC Summer Training Committe is connecting academic study and practical life together , it was established 2010 in order to help students to decide their career through their college years.

2. Vision:

To adapt realistic life and build rosy future for our dear students.

3. Mission:

Is to offer summer internship to all university students during summer interval in order to connect their academic life with their future career through engaging them to have in world wide , national , multinational compaines. After this , studdents will be able to enter the work world immediately after graduation with a pretty good experince.

4. Club History:

MSA-STC was established from 8 years by Communication engineering department training with it's founder DR. Ahmed Fawzy Daw after that it was spreaded all over the university with several protocals with national and international companies

5. High Board:

Selected Members from current university students , graduates , teacher assistants , lecture assistants and doctors were chosen to be from the board of MSA-STC Dr Ahmed fawzy , Eng Abdelhameed jalal , Dr Yasmin Osama , Dr Yasmin abdrlmoty , eng Ahmed Hatem , Dr Mai Al Nahass , Eng rokaia Mohamed , eng Ahmed nagi, Mai Tantawi.

6. Academic Committee:

Includes various consultants from inside the university , DRs ,TAs , LAs always help and have a clear mission in our Committee

7. Organizing Committee:

Our committee Consists of several teams : Head of committee , Vice heaad of Committee , Head of students , event organizers , training Cordinators , Puplic relations , Human Resourses , Creative team

8. Club rules:

The students that join our trainings according to ● The cridet hours of each students
● Piority to Grad year students
● Every student have to join several number of trainings according to their faculty rules
● All students should join the summer training - certain number - and when all students complete their training periods they can join another one According to their skills - as the companies asked

9. Cooperation companies from 2010 till now:

Telecom Egypt, Orange Business Service, Vodafone, Motorola Systel, National air navigation system, Metro systems, Egypt air, Xerox, IBM, Valeo, Sabbour, Arab contractors, Nokia, Unb bank, Alex bank, Egypt iran bank, Jouhayna, Hulibrton, Petrobell, Life art, Gorilla, Al masry alyom, DMC, Al nahar, Dream Tv, Radio one, Hive academy, Huawei, Dell EMC2, Hermes, Valu & Captain boy


Facebook: MSA-STC page