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  • Wednesday, 28 August 2019 13:07

MSA University - Hult Prize

1. About:
The Hult Prize is the world’s biggest engine for the launch of for good and for-profit startups, we exist to promote entrepreneurship and enable students to use it in solving global challenges. In competitions the teams compete with there ideas and the winning team gets a final prize of 1 million $. Hult prize MSA is a part of Hult Prize OnCampus program, where local university competition winners automatically advance into one of the +25 regional final events then to the UN finals.
2. What is Hult prize?
The Hult Prize was established by Bertil Hult, and is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education. Reward: $1 million USD prize. Participants compete in local events organized in cities, countries and on campuses around the world. Regional programs are hosted world-wide and winners of these events get to spend 8-weeks living, working, learning and playing in a castle in the UK. Everything happens in person, because that’s how you create entrepreneurs. The Hult Prize is the official kick-off to UN GLOBAL GOALS WEEK, so it’s the perfect place to pitch for a million dollars. Collectively, more than one-million students around the world, representing more than 150 countries participate in the Hult Prize and spend over 50 million man-hours on solving the world’s most pressing issues. Tens of thousands more students organize various trainings and programming throughout the years. Through crowdsourcing, training, mentorship and funding, the Hult Prize seeks to build and launch the next wave of social entrepreneurs, all of whom are poised to change the world.
3. Vision:
To provide life changing education about entrepreneurship and transformative experiences for the on-campus students.
4. Mission:
To provide trainings and workshops for the students about the entrepreneurship and to help them adapt it in their lives so everyone can be able to pitch their for-good and for-profit startup ideas in a final competition by the end of the program fueled with social responsibility; ideas that might be launched in the future to create a great impact.
5. Boards:
  • Board of directors
  • Board of mentors


6. Committees:

Logistics and coordination

  • Provide the venue required for the trainings and the competition day.
  • Prepare all required stationery and facilities for the competition day.
  • Responsible for all the logistical support needed either for the trainings or for the competition day.
  • Responsible for organizing the final competition
  • Responsible for the coordination between hult prize MSA University from one side and the university, judges and partners from the other side.

Public relations

  • Represent hult prize MSA university to our partners
  • Approach and seal deals with our trainers and judges
  • Maintain a positive brand image through modern PR methods
  • Inform our judges and trainers about hult prize and our criteria and methods
  • Attract and help in the recruitment of our participants


  • Plan, design, and implement online and offline marketing strategies that suits our brand image
  • Responsible for the attraction form of our recruitment phase
  • Responsible for the documentation of our activities
  • Design and edit our multimedia files
  • Runs our social media platforms
  • Maintain a positive brand image through modern marketing techniques

Fundraising and partnership development

  • Conduct market research for potential sponsors and partners
  • Ensure the flow of funds through creative ways to cover our expenses
  • Manage our budget and financial state
  • Design fundraising proposals for the potential sponsors and partners
  • Conduct meetings with our sponsors and partners to maintain apositive relationship
  • Write reports and communicate with the university about our financial state

Talent management

  • Implement the HR functions in the activity
  • File reports about the wellbeing and productivity of the teams
  • Design moral building days and activities
  • Ensure the implementation of hult prize vision
  • Maintain good communication between the members
  • Develop the talents and skills of our members and participants
  • Through different trainings that cover all the needed topics to compete in our final competition and what follows.
  • Assemble a mentorship group for the participants

Academic Advisor

  • We are blessed to have Dr. Zainab Abass as our academic advisor and mentor.


8. Academic Strategy:

We are going to work hand in hand with the center of excellence (entrepreneurship hub) as well as other student activities to promote the social entrepreneurship and Egypt’s 2030 vision as well as the UN 2030 agenda among students. Hult prize on-campus program main goal is to prepare and allow students to compete with their startups internationally throughout a journey that allows them to gain funds along the way so they can maximize the impact of their startups Having teams from MSA joining Hult prize will indeed help MSA maintaining their position as a beacon of change not only nationally but also internationally. Hosting an on-campus program automatically makes us in MSA recognized internationally as change makers so just imagine the publicity and reputation that we will gain just if we introduced the next generation of social entrepreneurs! We will start our recruitment for the participants as soon as the fall semester starts and during the 2 weeks for recruitment we will make some introductory sessions about the entrepreneurship. After the recruitment we will start our sessions weekly except for the mid-term weeks till our final competition which will be held before 15th of December when it suits the university timeline and the readiness of our participants Throughout the sessions we will tackle different topics all related to entrepreneurship to make our participants well equipped to compete and pitch their ideas

The first on campus competition for hult prize MSA:

For 10 years now, hult prize has been the largest movement for social entrepreneurship around the globe. Every year Bill Clinton challenges the students worldwide to compete on different stages for the 1 million dollar final prize.


December 14th 2019 marked the first on campus competition for hult prize MSA, after pitching for an outstanding jury and among many innovative projects and startups the top winning three teams were as follows:


On the third place: “CB airless tires” that 3D printed airless tires by recycling convectional ones.


On the second place: “SemiCO2nductor” that utilized CO2 from factories into making high gap electronic ships.


On the first place: “PowerBusters” that found a way to make every plug and switch in your home go smart with the lowest costs.


Those three teams will get the chance to join the national accelerator and competition while only the first one will get a wildcard to join the regional directly .