The 5th Annual media Conference

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MSA University - The 5th Annual media Conference

Within the framework of the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University to address the problems of the Egyptian society, the Faculty will hold its 5th annual media conference "ACT 2019" on Saturday the 30th of November, at the university headquarters to discuss the role of media in addressing water issues in light of climate changes.
The conference will feature a number of researchers with scientific papers to monitor the role of audiovisual and digital media in raising awareness of water and climate challenges and its impact on different groups of society.
The conference will also include a round table discussion that will bring together media professionals and academics to discuss the latest updates in climate and water issues in Egypt and world wide and the role of media in facing these challenges.

Conference Date & Location:


  • Saturday November 30th, 2019 – 9:30 AM
  • 6th October campus – SSB Building
Conference Aims:


  • Increasing awareness towards smart water consumption
  • Presenting suitable alternatives for water sources
  • Utilizing successful models of water consumption and alternatives usage
  • Sustaining collaborative work between governmental and non-governmental entities towards a smarter environmental behavior
Conference discussion points:


  • Evaluating the current ecological status and policies in Egypt
  • Showcasing previous studies
  • Investigating media exposure for water sustainability in Egypt
  • The Role of Awareness Campaigns
  • Successful international models
  • Arab African cooperation for ecological sustainability
The 5th Annual media Conference Program:

MSA University - The 5th Annual media Conference Program