International Students (Non-Egyptian)

New Applicant Tuition Fees Categories, Special Scholarships & Min. Scores for Non Egyptians (فئات المصروفات الدراسية والمنح الخاصة والحد الادنى للقبول للطلاب الأجانب - الغير مصريين):

MSA University - Tuition Fees 2021 - 2022 for International Students (Non-Egyptian)

Scholarship Calculator - حساب مصروفاتى الدراسية بعد تطبيق فئة التفوق الدراسى والمنح الدراسية الخاصة

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Tuition Fees, Categories & Special Scholarships 2021-2022 Important Notes:
  • The Student’s Category is applicable till graduation for all applicant either new or external transfer student.
  • The Special scholarships can be combined and calculated from the student’s category fees.
  • Full Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase of 7% prior to the applied categories.
  • The British validation fees are to be paid in the first semester of each academic year by either Pound sterling (£) or it's equivalent value in US dollar ($).
  • New Applicants (Egyptians & Foreigners) must pay tuition fees on campus ONLY.
  • Non-Egyptians must pay their fees in Dollars, through our NBE (National Bank of Egypt - البنك الأهلى المصرى) account ONLY "On Campus".( Account Number: 1823060351711000017 American Dollar).
  • Fourth and fifth year Dentistry students will be charged EGP 500 per semester (Outpatient clinics).
  • For Egyptians with Arab Certificates tuition fees, Click here .
Refund Amounts & Dates for Tuition Fees (Partial refund only):
  • 80% Until 11th September​ 2021  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 14th of October 2021)
  • 60% from 12th of September until 22nd of September 2021  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 28th of October 2020)
  • No refunds after the 23rd of September 2021
  • No refund for the second semester new applicants.

There is NO REFUND for:

  • Application Fees.
  • Bus fees after first day of classes.
  • Validation fees after first day of classes.

Please fill the application online then print it and keep it with your admission papers (Certificate and official documentation)

After filling the application form pay 1000 EGP (These include the English Language Placement Test and the Admission Student Interview\Club and the parents involvement program) via Fawry service and check your email to get the confirmation email and follow up with the admission process.

Note: The Capacity Training and Test Fees for Faculty Arts & Design Is 2000 EGP Only

Reserve your online sessions for the English exam, the students interview and the parents involvemts program.

You could sit for the english exam for the 2nd time after paying another 400 EGP. If you would like to attend a second choice club for another faculty, you must pay 1000 EGP via Fawry service.

All new students must have approved payment orders from the admission office before making any tuition fees payments.


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