Al-Farafeer” play on MSA’s theatre

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Al-Farafeer” play on MSA’s theatre

The faculty of languages at MSA university has had the great author Youssef Idris’s Al-Farafeer play on a special show by the faculty’s theatre club offered among the contributions of student activity clubs, aiming the enrichment of the students’ awareness and knowledge. And the students themselves did a brilliant and contemporary performance of the play by depicting the 1964 philosophy with a modern youthful spirit.

The play was introduced by the dean, Dr. Suha Raafat, who offered her gratitude to Dr. Naglaa Al-Hadedy, the faculty’s undersecretary and the initiator of the event, along with Dr. Areej Ibrahim who both participated in preparing the students and helped them with rehearsals in a very devoted team work. The dean also supervised the rehearsals after school time and mentioned a projected nourishment of such talents and suggested co-projects with the faculty of Arts in stage and outfits design.

The show was attended by a big audience including visitors and the teaching staff who praised the remarkable success.

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