Engendering Future Leaders

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Engendering Future Leaders

Ever wondered what is the best thing about your summer study at MSA? well the answer is "Study Abroad" program. The study abroad program is as old as MSA itself, and is one of the most loved services provided to the students.

Basically it is the chance to get to spend any part of your summer course in the UK, the good part is that it is not all about studying, the program include an entertainment period where you get to see UK and visit all their famous touristic sites. Yesterday was the welcome event for the last batch of students who were selected for this program this year! Ms Mona Afifi, Director of Quality Assurance & International Partnerships aspires achieving maximum student satisfaction as an integral objective of MSA University strategy and is delighted to launch the Slogan" Engendering Future Leaders" as a slogan for the Programme. She hopes that the Summer 2016 students were satisfied with their ceremony and will be commencing application for Summer 2017 during the period from 25 Feb 2017- 10 March 2017 then filtering will take place.
STAY TUNED for more information........ Have fun and more to come.

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