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  • Tuesday, 17 September 2019 14:46

1. About:

“Engine It” student activity organization is the first student activity that falls under the umbrella of MSA Industrial and Systems Engineering department. This club was founded in the Fall 2018 semester. The founders tackled a problem in MSA University students that they need development in the “Project Management” field in order to be able to formulate, plan, make, schedule, and manage their projects whether as academic projects in their academic life such as: research papers, courses projects, and graduation projects or professional and scientific projects in their professional life such as: entreprenuership, and environment.

2. Vision:

“Engine It” aspires to make the “Project Management” the most appealing field of study to MSA University students through developing the learning process whether on the professional or the academic or the scientific level, spreading the proper awareness, preparing them for the job market, and globalizing the significance of industrial development & its relation with management sciences.

3. Mission:

“Engine It” will be responsible for organizing events, campaigns, sessions, conferences, and competitions related to the project management field of study whether on the professional or the academic or the scientific level. Moreover, the club will be responsible in conducting partnerships with other organizations, universities, and companies in order to provide the students with the proper activities related to the project management field.

4. Objectives:

The objectives of “Engine It” are as following:
• To implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) in the project management field.
• To fulfill the vision of Egypt 2030.
• To develop the learning process whether from the academic, professional, and scientific aspects through participating or conducting & organizing the suitable events, sessions, conferences, and competitions.
• To spread the proper awareness regarding the importance of the “Project Management” field of study and its relation to other fields of study when it comes to the establishment and creation of research, startups, and environmental projects.
• To prepare the students for the job market whether inside or outside Egypt through added value experiences.
• To develop the students on the personal and the professional levels.
• To develop and prepare the students with the suitable skills of research and academic writing.
• To eliminate the misconception about the relation between industrial and mechanical fields of study.

5. Founders:

• Dr. Yasmine Addin.
• Mohamed Emad Hussein.
• Philopateer Nabil.
• Muhammad Fattouh.
• Mirna Mohamed Fathy.
• Amira Ashraf.
• Salmma Salah.
• Natalie Tamer.
• Mohamed Mokhtar.

6. Brief club history:

Engine It in 2018:
• The founders established the club during the Fall 2018 semester.
Engine It in 2019:
• Participated in the MSA Student Activities Fair at the Spring 2019 semester to recruit the high board and the executive board members.
• Prepared its first Organizing Committee Team Members Recruitment during the Spring 2019.
• Organized its first MSA Industrial Engineering Awareness Day during the Spring 2019.
• Collaborated with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment to fund the environmental projects ideas of Engine It Participants during the Summer 2019 semester.
• Collaborated with Hult Prize MSA University to give the opportunity to Engine It Particpants to participate in their entrepreneurship competition.


Facebook: Engine It – MSA University Instagram: @engine.it

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