Astronomy Club

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  • Thursday, 06 December 2018 12:40

MSA University - Astronomy Club

1. About:

Astronomy Club MSA University is a community of students that share the love for astronomy, as well as the love for sharing knowledge and exploration.

2. Vision:

Our vision is that the students get to engage in a fun learning experience, make new friends that share the same love and curiosity for the universe and find unity in diversity.

3. Mission:

Our mission is to create a community of students who are fascinated by science and astronomy, engage students in learning more about the universe through edutainment and trigger the interest of students in science and discovery.

4. Club History:

The club was founded in 2017 by Radwa Abdelhalim, an Engineer student in MSA. Radwa aimed to create a community of students who share the passion for astronomy along with having a great social scene. The club conducts many exciting events including stargazing trips, movie nights and science talks.

5. Highboard Structure:

The high board is mainly composed of two positions: 1) The President:
The President is the primary student contact for the student organization and the “external spokesperson” of the group who regularly interacts with other student organizations and University officials.
2) The Vice President:
The Vice President should maintain continuous contact with the President. The Vice President must be up-to-date on all student organization communication and events.

6. Club Advisors & Councelors:

● Prof. Dr. Hafez Radi (Academic Counselor)
● Dr. Mohamed Khalil (Academic Co-Counselor)
● Engineer Ahmed Hatem (Club Advisor)

7. Committees:

Internal Relations: responsible for creating a database for all members in the organization and keeping track of their interactions and performance.
Marketing: responsible for social media in terms of managing, and maintaining, any online platform that represents the club. They are also responsible for offline marketing and promotional material.
Media: responsible for the visual identity of the club. The team documents the events throughout the year using photos and videos and shoots and edits promo videos before events.
Coordination and Logistics: responsible for the communication and coordination with the university through permissions, approvals and reservations.
Academics: responsible for all academic activities, sessions, workshops and events. The Academics team works on delivering sessions to the participants that are fun, informative and engaging.
Finance: responsible for planning and carrying out financial development activities and financial partnerships and raises money from sponsors for event expenses.

8. Partners & Sponsors:

● Astronomy Club AUC
● Astronomy Club AAST
● Astronomy Club BUE
● Astronomy Club Ain Shams

9. The Club Founders:

● Radwa Abdelhalim (Engineering graduate)
● Osama Rifaat (Engineering student)
● Abdallah Mohamed (computer science graduate)
● Ali El-Sherif (Engineering graduate)
● Mariam Ahmed (languages student)
● Mostafa El Baroody (Engineering student)

10. Contacts:

● Facebook:
● Twitter:
● Instagram:
● Snapchat: >> Want to know more details? Send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your social media marketing partner