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Wadi Group Career Advice Session

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Wadi Group Career Advice Session

The Fruitful cooperation between Wadi Group and MSA-STC has reached the peak!


MSA-STC has organized A career Advice session By Mr. Marwan Ali Head of Talent and HR transformation In Wadi Group.

The Session was mainly about the skills that students should develop before their graduation and the market Needs.


Covered Topics :


  • Wadi Group Profile and available internships
  • How to be achiever
  • How could you find your passion and start your career
  • Stress Management
  • Leading people
  • Emotional Intelligence versus Artificial intelligence
The students were very satisfied with the session and expressed their appreciation of that Valuable session which answered all their questions and satisfied their needs.


It’s just the beginning of STC’ summer activities and training,


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