CS Graduation Projects 2020

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CS Graduation Projects 2020

In the Age of AI, Today is a technological rise.


Faculty of Computer Science, MSA University celebrates the graduation of bringing new scientists and programmers to the world and Egyptian society.



The students walked a long journey from learning basic sciences to the most advanced techniques in the field and they decided that will fight all circumstances to achieve this moment.


A glimpse of exceptional graduation projects that have been implemented by our distinguished students, using the Cutting Edge Technologies & Programming Languages:


  • Machine Learning: Detection of HCV Based on Machine Learning & Face Aging Using Generative Adversarial Network
  • 3D Visualization: Rigging Manager for Skeletal Mesh in a 3D environment, Smart Survivor Character In 3D Environment & Human Pose Manipulation for Synthetic Actors
  • Quantum Computing: Modeling a Quantum Circuit
  • Mobile Applications: A smart gym in your phone, A hybrid mobile application for Recycling Material & Smart Lost and Found Application For MSA University Using Machine Learning.
  • Big Data & Data Analytics: Detection of HCV Based on Machine Learning, Data analytics and warehousing for the MSA E-learning system & Big Data solutions for a smarter Cairo
  • Point of Sale system: ESI Soft Point of Sale System
  • Traffic routing Applications : ECO Route & Ride-Sharing and Planning System
  • E-commerce mobile Apps: Dental cart Application.
  • Computer Vision: An app for blind people identifies and reads out Kitchen objects in their surroundings.
  • Recommendation systems: Smart filtration, Scoring & ranking system for CVs.


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