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Engineering Annual Project day

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Engineering Annual Project day

Over 200 students from all disciplines of Engineering presented their course projects during the annual projects day. The setting took place at the Engineering workshop which is constructed over an area of 4,000m2.Groups of students ranging from 2 to 5 presented their course projects to their professors, parents, and friends.

 The importance of this even lies in the application of theoretical knowledge to practical projects in which the student translate what they have learned in classes to real life projects. Furthermore students being asked to present their work build up their presentation skills which is a practical skill which is required in the job market.

Needless to say that these students working in groups to produce a scientific project, develops communication skills, organization skills, as well as ability to work in teams. Students from Architectural engineering, Computer engineering, industrial engineering, communication and electrical engineering all presented marvelous projects

but the most captivating project was by Mohamed El Sharkawi and it was a remote control vehicle that had Artificial Intelligence that finds its own path based on color and light patterns your social media marketing partner