Arts & Design Graduation projects 2020

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Arts & Design Graduation projects 2020

A new year ends with the graduation of a new batch of the Faculty of Arts and Design, MSA University; as usual, this year’s projects presented a variety of topics that cover all requirements, developments and needs of society and are in line with the state’s plans for development, which set out for prospects for future solutions.


Graduation projects were judged this year over a period of 6 days at the University campus in October, and a selection of design professors participated in various fields of specialization in arbitration with the participation of many deans of the Faculties of Arts, Design, Applied Arts and Fine Arts in Egypt in addition to a group of experts from the industry. The Graduation projects in the different majors where as follows:


Interior Design


The theme this year challenged students to envision a new future for the built environment context of 21st Century in Egypt. Students were highly encouraged to investigate challenges and opportunities to create creative problem solutions according to Egypt’s strategy towards a better future. The suggested theme was “Creating Egypt’s Tomorrow: Facing Challenges and Embracing Opportunities through Interior Design” in which students were encouraged to explore, analyse and evaluate key challenges related to potential change that might impact the future of Egypt and plot their own possible, probable, and preferable trajectories, and synthesise a design strategy to maximise the ability to adapt, grow, and realise opportunities in the future built environment.


Graphics and Media Arts


Projects this year deal with many topics in multiple fields that are compatible with the state’s plans and procedures to raise the standard of living and establish ethical and human values through various outputs and products that are compatible with the nature of graduates of the Graphic and Media Arts Department Among the outputs of this year were projects to restore, rebranding and develop corporate identity, Design awareness campaigns , Graduation projects this year focused on modern areas of animation and business production using virtual reality technologies in addition to designing the interface of websites, electronic games and mobile applications


Fashion Design


The graduation project this year highlights the societal role of fashion and how to use the art of fashion design to solve some societal problems


Graduation projects varied between:


  • Design functional uniforms (restaurant employees - hotel workers - workers in the Egyptian Grand Museum - workers in garment factories - flight crew at airlines - workers at the University of MSA)
  • Designing for special categories (dwarfs - Down syndrome - pregnant women - the elderly - breast cancer patients - plus size)
  • Designing multi-use costumes (for working women - for youth - for special events)
  • Women's football team costume design
  • Designing beach costumes for veiled women
  • Design costumes from recycled clothing items
  • Design costumes for excursions and camping

Cinema and Theatre


The graduation projects for this year were the product of studies that took place in the fall with the first part of the project, and focused on building bridges to multiple issues related to our society and influenced their lives either remotely or from soon.


In cinema, theatre and puppets, this has contributed to providing a complete visual vision of this. By encouraging students to think critically about their understanding of the dramatic text in the narration they choose, and to work with the way to communicate to interpret texts and convert them to creative production, all projects have reflected a form of human expression that has taken shape through social, economic, moral, artistic, and technological divisions.


Students were able to apply the research skills they acquired through the years of University study, and graduation projects provided a great opportunity to explain the world of drama, either in cinematic or theatrical adaptation and to compel this adaptation and discipline to express and explore the problems, hopes and dreams of our human societies.

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