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2nd MSA International Workshop On Communications & Electronics

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2nd MSA International Workshop On Communications & Electronics

The 2nd Annual MSA University workshop was organized by the Faculty Affairs, Seminars and Publicity (FASP) Committee of the Electrical System Engineering (ESE) department and chaired by the department’s head, Prof. Samy El-Hennawy, under the auspices of Dr. Nawal El Degwy MSA Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

VIP guest attendees were Dr. Nawal El Degwy, Prof. Eman el Sayed (Head of Planning Sector at the Irrigation Ministry), Prof. Ayman el Sayed Ibrahim (Head of Monitoring, Communication, Information and Ownership Sector at the Irrigation Ministry) and General Prof. Sherif Anas from The Arab Organization for Industrialization. The workshop commenced with the opening speech of Prof. Khayri Abdelhameed, MSA University president, followed by the dean of the faculty of engineering, prof. Nahed Sobhi’s introductory word. The first session titled “4G to 5G: The path, the challenges and the future” and was presented by Dr. Ayman Radwan who is a Senior Researcher and EU Project Coordinator with the Institute of Telecommunications, in Aveiro, Portugal. He touched on the current status of 4G and the challenges imposed by the new applications being adopted (more specifically the IoT) and presented practical information about the 5G research and development, impact, challenges and its potential, The second session titled “Optical Fiber Sensors: Concept overview and IoT applications” was conducted by Dr. Fatima Domingues, who is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Telecommunications in Aveiro, Portugal. Domingues provided an introduction on the topic of optical fiber sensing and its latest applications as IoT enablers. The third session was hosted by Dr. Said Mabrouk who is an MSA University lecturer at the Faculty of engineering and a Chief Researcher at the Agriculture Research Center in which he talked about the success of the ESE department in collaboration with the Agriculture Research Center in designing and developing several equipment and systems to take part in solving Egypt’s three challenges namely: Climate change, water lack, and food shortage. He also emphasized on the transition of Egypt from being a smart precise agriculture equipment user to being the designer and developer. Eng. Omar Badr who is a senior analyst and developer at Dell EMC then gave a visionary talk that covered the introduction to Cloud Computing and a demo for the usage of Pivotal Cloud Services. The last session titled “Advanced PLC projects in Egypt” and was presented by Eng. Tamer Tolba who is the founder and chair of MAS Trading Company which is involved in many successful national and international control projects. Finally, the closing session concluded the workshop and included the prizes distribution to the workshop speakers and organizers.

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