Faculty of Languages Graduation Projects Day

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Faculty of Languages Graduation Projects Day

Senior students of the Faculty of Languages, MSA University celebrated their “Graduation Projects Day” in the Students’ Services Building (SSB) on the 17th of January, 2018. The graduation projects of the students revolved around three different fields of study/ majors offered at the Faculty of Languages: Translation, Executive Skills, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Students’ graduation researches tackle topics and implementation of theories that are considered the latest trends in these fields of study. The performance of the students reflected their exceptional interpersonal skills and self-confidence that were acquired through their educational life at MSA University. Their performance also shows how MSA graduates are capable of successfully competing in the job market in areas of their interest. Parents, who attended the event were thrilled by the remarkable performance of their sons and daughters and affirmed that the development came gradually as a result of their serious and different way of education at MSA. Senior staff of the Faculty of Languages were involved in evaluating the projects and the presentations of the students.

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