Faculty of Biotechnology

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Faculty of Biotechnology

The Faculty of Biotechnology gives the students the opportunity to study and work in the techniques of genetic engineering and stem cells for the treatment of:

  • Incurable diseases
  • Tissue culture
  • Immunology
  • Biochemistry
  • Production of genetically modified plants
  • Fertilizers and biological compounds
  • The applications of forensic evidence in the identification of crimes and lineage issues.

The students of Biotechnology could benefit from the Study Abroad Program provided by MSA University and the University of Greenwich as they could travel to the United Kingdom to complete courses that will be counted as a part of their credit hours.



- How will this happen?



You will study the theoretical part at MSA University for three weeks during the Summer semester and then two weeks practical at the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.


The graduates of the Faculty of Biotechnology could work in various fields such as forensic evidence and forensic medicine to learn about parentage issues and analyze genetics or in the field of nanotechnology and installation. In addition, they could even work in the use of stem cells in the treatment of some diseases. With more than 95% of employment rate, you know that this is the Faculty of the future.


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