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MSA University - Resilience International Conference

Conference Board:
  • Under the Auspices of H.E. DR. ASSEM EL‐GAZZAR Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities in Egypt
  • Under The Auspices of Dr. Nawal El Degwi
  • Conference Chair Prof. Nahed Sobhy, Faculty Dean
  • Conference Co-Chair Prof. Hesham Aref, Faculty Vice Dean
  • Conference Determinative Assoc. Prof. Zeinab Feisal
Scientific Committee:
Chair: Morad Abdel Kader, Ain Shams Uni., Egypt

Members (Alphabetical):


  • Abbas El-Zafarany, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Adel Al Dosary, King Fahd Uni., KSA
  • Adel Yasseen, Ain Shams Uni, EGY
  • Ahmed El Seragy, Arab Academy, EGY
  • Ahmed Ouf, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Ahmed Rashed, BUE Uni., EGY
  • Ahmed Shetawy, MSA Uni., EGY
  • Ahmed Yousry, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Aly Gabr, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Ali Abu Ghanimeh, University of Jordan
  • Amal Abdou, Helwan Uni., EGY
  • Ashraf M.Salama, Uni. of Strathclyde, UK
  • Ayman Wanas, AAST, EGY
  • Basel Kamel, AUC, EGY
  • Benzion Kotzen ,Uni. Of Greenwich, UK
  • Ed Wall, Uni. Of Greenwich, UK
  • Ehab Okba, Fayoum University, EGY
  • Eman Eid Attia, Menofia Uni., EGY
  • Esam Eldin Mohamed, Assiut Uni., EGY
  • Ghada Farouk, Ain Shams Uni, EGY
  • Hania Hamdi, Helwan Uni., EGY
  • Hisham Aref, MSA Uni., EGY
  • Hisham El-kadi, Uni. of Salford, UK
  • Hisham Gabr, AUC, EGY
  • Ibrahim Eldemery, HBRC, EGY
  • Khaled Dewidar, BUE Uni., EGY
  • Khalid S. Al-Hagla, Alexandria Uni., EGY
  • Khalid Abdel Hadi, Benha Uni., EGY
  • Lamis El Gizawi, Mansoura Uni., EGY
  • Maysa Omar, MSA Uni., EGY
  • Mervat El- Shafie, Effat Uni., KSA
  • M. Alaa Mandour, Helwan Uni., EGY
  • Mohamed Essmat El-Attar, BUE, EGY
  • Mohamed Salheen, Ain Shams Uni, EGY
  • Mohga Embabi, Fayoum Uni., EGY
  • Mostafa Refaat, Ain Shams Uni, EGY
  • Nader El-Bizri, AUB, LEBNON
  • Namir Heikal, MSA Uni., EGY
  • Neveen Hamza, Newcastle Uni., UK
  • Nurhan Abujidi, ZUYD Uni., Netherland
  • Sahar Attia, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Sahar El-Arnaouty, Alex. Uni., EGY
  • Shahdan shabka, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Sherif El-Attar, Fayoum Uni., EGY
  • Soheir Hawas, Cairo Uni., EGY
  • Vincent Nadin, Delft Uni., Netherland
  • Walaa Nour, Tanta Uni., EGY
  • Zeinab Shafik, Cairo Uni., EGY
Organizing committee:
  • Assoc.Prof Dr Zeinab Feisal
  • Assoc.Prof Dr Nihal Amer
  • Dr Eman Saleh
  • Dr Mai Ebeid
  • Dr Ghada Ghazala
  • LA. Esraa Elareef
  • LA. Nermine Nofal
  • LA. Rana Adel
  • LA. Shereen Abou Dagher
  • LA. Yousra Mohamed
  • LA. Yosra Alaa El Din Attwa
  • LA. Aya El Kholy
  • TA. yara mohamed
  • TA. Nariman Shehab your social media marketing partner

Keynote speakers

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Thursday, 08 August 2019 15:10
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Professor Hisham ElkadiProfessor Hisham Elkadi, currently holds the position of the Dean of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom. Hisham Graduated from the University of Alexandria and obtained his PhD from the University of Liverpool in 1989. In the time he has been at Salford, Professor Hisham Elkadi, demonstrated a capacity for strong and strategic leadership, relationship building and creating and implementing a model for Smart Urban Futures. He works closely with the industry, local, and national governments and has contributed to regeneration of a number of cities including Geelong, Australia, Rome, Belfast, Salford and Manchester. He has attracted a number of projects amount to £20M with funds from ERDF, AHRC, EU FP6 NoE, EU UIA and Peace programme, Australia and UK Government funds, BC Newton programmes and many others.


Prior to his appointment at Salford, Professor Hisham Elkadi, was the Head of School of Architecture & Building at Deakin University in Australia and the Chair of the University Academic Board, The Head of School of Architecture and Design in Belfast, and the Director of Architecture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in UK. Professor Hisham Elkadi, acted as an invited external examiner at many Universities including Harvard GSD, the University of Toronto, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Beirut, UTM in Malaysia, South Australia, and many others.


Professor Hisham Elkadi, is also an honorary professor at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Taylor University in Kuala Lumpur, and the University of Portsmouth UK. He was also appointed a visiting Professor at University College London and Harvard School of Design. He is also a board member of CIB (Council International de Bâtiment) and Geelong Gallery


Hisham has a large number of publications (150+), 5 books, and graduated 30 Ph.D. students. One of the main objectives he has set for himself is to build capacity for Global engagement and partnerships within the immediate community as well as internationally, with all levels of governments, industries, and relevant professional bodies. To this end, he has been extensively involved in building external relationships and outreach urban regeneration programmes. He has been involved in outreach urban initiatives in England, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Australia. He initiated and led community-based projects such as ‘up the wall’ in London Derry, a founder member of World Association Towards the Protection of Cultural Heritage (WATCH) in Rome, and Director of VISION2 in Geelong (Aus). His appointment to the Ministry Advisory Group for the Built Environment in Northern Ireland, and a board member of the Greater Manchester of Low Carbon Board are recognitions of his commitment to regeneration of inner cities.

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Dr. May al-IbrashyDr. May al-Ibrashy, is a licensed architectural engineer with close to 30 years of field experience in conservation and heritage management in Historic Cairo. She holds a BSc in Architectural Engineering from Ain Shams University, an MA in Art, Architecture and Archaeology and a PhD in Archaeology from the University of London.


She is currently founder and chair of Megawra-Built Environment Collective, a twin institution consisting of Egyptian NGO and consultancy working on issues of the built environment. She coordinates Athar Lina, an initiative run by Megawra-BEC in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Cairo Governorate that conserves the heritage of al-Khalifa in Historic Cairo and conceives of it as a driver for community development.



So far, through Athar Lina, she has conserved three monuments from the Islamic period and is working on two more, one of which is the conservation of the Mausoleum of al-Imam al-Shafi’i. Other projects include Athar Lina’s Heritage Education Program, Open Spaces Program, Groundwater Research Project and Heritage Design Thinking School. Al-Ibrashy is also adjunct lecturer of architecture at the American University in Cairo

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Dr. Cornelia RedekerDr. Cornelia Redeker, is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cornelia Redeker, GUC Architecture and Urban Design Program. Cornelia Redeker studied Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany and the Berlage-Institute in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She was assistant professor at the Chair for Urban Design and Regional Planning at TU Munich while developing her PhD research on the topic of Urban Flood Integration along the Rhine at TU Delft. With her office CO/R Cities on Rivers Research Development she has worked as a consultant for urban development and upgrading projects in the flood plain of the Rhine and the Nile. Since being appointed in 2012 as Associate Professor for Architecture and Urban Design at the GUC, Cornelia has been focusing on landscape-based urban design strategies framed by the urgencies of water and land scarcity in Egypt. In 2013, she co-founded the Nile Islands Initiative (Nil), an interdisciplinary platform to map, protect and activate the spatial qualities of Nile islands in the context of increasing urbanization. She is currently co-curating and authoring “Landscaping Egypt – From the Aesthetic to the Productive” a series of lectures, workshops, a conference and a forthcoming publication to define new productive landscape design models within the Egyptian context

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Prof. Dr. Kamel O. MahadinProf. Dr. Kamel O. Mahadin, of MK Associates is a Jordanian architect, landscape architect, professor, author, and artist. He was the Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and was a Jordanian senator at the House of Senate. Currently he is a full professor at the collage of Architecture and Design at the American University of Madaba in Jordan. Kamel motivates with words, with landscape design and inspires with artistry. After earning his bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees in the U.S., he returned to his homeland to found the first landscape architecture firm in Jordan in 1987. Among his many leadership positions, In January 1997 he became Director General to Petra Regional Council, and in 1999 took the portfolio as the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Moreover, Dr. Mahadin was the chair of architecture department at University of Jordan, the coordinator of the Aga Khan Unit for Islamic Studies for five years, and he was a consultant to the Hashemite Royal Court. In October 2017, Kamel was the first Arab to be awarded the ASLA American Society of Landscape Architects Fellowship. Dr. Mahadin, received his nomination, for “Service”, from the Council of Fellows Executive Committee.

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Prof. Sahar AttiaProf. Sahar Attia, is a Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, She is a Member of the Supreme Council for Urban Development -Egypt, She is currently a member in the Stakeholders Advisory Group enterprise (SAGE) UN Habitat, she is also the Chair of the University Network Initiative -UN Habitat, and Member of the Steering Committee in the World Urban Campaign, and a board member in Eco city Builders-USA


She has more than 35 Years of experience practicing Urban Planning, Urban Design, and Architecture in the Academic and Professional Field. Her specializations and fields of interest include Urban Development & strategic Planning, Community Development, Heritage Conservation and Urban Regeneration, Upgrading the informal areas, and governance. She has been doing consultancy work for both, public and private sector.


She has been coordinating several national projects with Egyptian authorities as well as international partners (e.g. GIZ, UN Habitat, UNDP). She has been lecturing since 1984, is or has been member in 15 national and international committees and boards, many of them dealing with Architecture, urban Planning, and governance in Egypt. She is former head of the department of architecture at Cairo University September 2013 - 2017 .


She has also been invited to contribute to lecture at many international and important conferences, and a former Co-Chair of research and academia group in the General Assembly of Partners at UN-Habitat (GAP) .

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Eng. Ahmed Al AliEng. Ahmed Al Ali, is an Architect and Entrepreneur from the UAE. He graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a Degree in Architecture and established his critical design firm, X-Architects in 2003.


X-Architects is a critical architectural studio founded in 2003 by principal architects Ahmed Al-Ali and Farid Esmaeil. Both principals are strong proponents of Arab Culture and its translation into contemporary design.


X-Architects has gained the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2019. X-Architects projects and work have gained continuous recognition and have been exhibited in international reputed venues like Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London in 2011 and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen 2014. In 2010, Ahmed was honored with the prestigious and one of the highest ranked local awards, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Award For Young Business Leaders.


Ahmed ardently contributes to various research projects and has collaborated on Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council Building and neighborhood guidelines. He is a board member of the Canadian University of Dubai, the UAE University of Al Ain and the Al Hosn University in Abu Dhabi.


He is actively involved in academic spheres and is a recurring critic and lecturer at various educational institutions and associations. Ahmed recently lectured and joined a panel discussion called “Housing the Spring” at Harvard University.


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Prof. Bassem Fahmy Prof. Bassem Fahmy , is a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institution - UK and has advanced postgraduate degrees from international academic institutions; has PhD and MPhil in strategic planning from Oxford Brookes University –UK.


Prof. Bassem Fahmy has over twenty years’ experience in mega projects management, strategic planning and urban design with advanced education and international training.


He had a comprehensive set of international training as of institutes around the world including USA, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore…etc. in the area of sustainable development, project management, development quality control, planning policies and nature-based development.


Prof. Bassem Fahmy has been actively involved with national, regional and international development corporations; UN agencies, and medium and large private and public sector development projects.


Currently he is the principal advisor for the UN-Habitat Egypt Programme providing steering projects at national, regional and local level.


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Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-RafeiArch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei, is adjunct professor at The Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Assets, KURAM, at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University. He is Founder and general manager of ADEEM consultants. In 2017, he was awarded the Golden Medal of Excellence 2017 by the Society of Egyptian Architects.


Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei, was awarded for the HASSAN FATHI AWARD FOR ARCHITECTURE in 2016.


In 2007, had a Master degree in Environmental Planning & Design from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Architectural Dept. In 1990, had a bachelor degree in Architecture from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Architectural Dept. Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei, is Founder & Board Member of EGYPTIAN HOUSE FOR DEVELOPMENT & APPROPRIATE BUILDING, the first professional company applying earth construction techniques in Egypt and producing the compressed earth blocks machinery. He is also Founder & Board Member of EGYPTIAN Earth Construction Association, EECA, the first Egyptian association researching & applying earth construction techniques in Egypt.


Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei, designed several projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia for different uses .Also designed several projects built by compressed earth blocks CEBs. He conducted several researches on developing earth construction techniques.


Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei, participated as a keynote speaker in several seminars, workshops, and conferences presenting different subjects about appropriate building designs. He worked as a Consultant Advisor for Al-Turath Foundation, Riyadh KSA, for earth construction field work.


Arch. Moahmed Mokhtar Al-Rafei,presented several public lectures on producing and using compressed earth blocks in buildings Construction. He participated in different national and international architectural design competitions.


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The 5th Annual media Conference

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MSA University - The 5th Annual media Conference

Within the framework of the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University to address the problems of the Egyptian society, the Faculty will hold its 5th annual media conference "ACT 2019" on Saturday the 30th of November, at the university headquarters to discuss the role of media in addressing water issues in light of climate changes.
The conference will feature a number of researchers with scientific papers to monitor the role of audiovisual and digital media in raising awareness of water and climate challenges and its impact on different groups of society.
The conference will also include a round table discussion that will bring together media professionals and academics to discuss the latest updates in climate and water issues in Egypt and world wide and the role of media in facing these challenges.

Conference Date & Location:


  • Saturday November 30th, 2019 – 9:30 AM
  • 6th October campus – SSB Building
Conference Aims:


  • Increasing awareness towards smart water consumption
  • Presenting suitable alternatives for water sources
  • Utilizing successful models of water consumption and alternatives usage
  • Sustaining collaborative work between governmental and non-governmental entities towards a smarter environmental behavior
Conference discussion points:


  • Evaluating the current ecological status and policies in Egypt
  • Showcasing previous studies
  • Investigating media exposure for water sustainability in Egypt
  • The Role of Awareness Campaigns
  • Successful international models
  • Arab African cooperation for ecological sustainability
The 5th Annual media Conference Program:

MSA University - The 5th Annual media Conference Program your social media marketing partner

Main Office - 6th Oct. Campus

26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

Tel. : 3837-1113
Tel. : 3837-1115
Tel. : 3837-1516
Fax : (+202) 3837-1543

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Hotline: 16672