Digital Transformation Symposium

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  • Sunday, 24 March 2019 13:36

MSA University - Digital transformation symposium

Today’s manufacturing enterprises rarely live in isolation. They need to be connected in order to create products from which a group of enterprises, called Gobal-Value-Chain (GVC), can derive higher value. These chains need to communicate intelligently. This means, the production planning and control systems (known as Enterprise-Resources-Planning ERP) of the chain members should interoperate digitally without human intervention.

This applied research project is funded by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), to create a software product serving the digital transformation, of the Egyptian manufacturing companies. Factories can thus plug in international manufacturing networks, expanding the target market for the Egyptian industry Being a plug-in component, for any system on the web, means a core feature of the developed software is loosely coupling. The following features are mandatory for loosely coupling:

  • Relying on the SOA/ web services technology.
  • Services are invoked remotely independently of their technology, a third part centralized entity, and location.
  • The plug-in component does not impose any restrictions on the hosting ERP system.
  • The software is easily configurable to fit the member platform.

MSA University - Digital transformation symposium

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