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The Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Engineering 2018

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MSA University - The Scientific Conference of the  Faculty of Engineering 2018

Dear MSA Staff and Students from all Departments, On behalf of all the Organizing Committee, we are glad to invite you to participate in the Faculty of Engineering Conference 2018 (SCFE2018), organized by the Research Committee, which will be held at MSA campus (SSB) on February 25th, 2018. The SCFE2018 Conference serves as one of the principal opportunity for presenting the interdisciplinary research and development activities in the Faculty of Engineering. The aim of the presented research is to shape tomorrow’s outlook at the junction of different fields of Architecture, Communication, Electronics, Computer Science, Industry, mechatronics, mathematics, and Physics. It brings together researchers and interested scientists from different academic departments to spread the latest front-line research results and innovative solutions for today’s complex problems at the frontiers of many related fields. On behalf of the organizing committee,
Prof. Nahed Sobhi, Dean of the Faculty.
Prof. Hafez A. Radi, Head of GSE department

The outcome of the Conference:

- The conference presented scientific research to 18 researchers from the faculty of Engineering as well as 4 invited speakers from outside the university. - The conference was attended by all faculty members and a large number of students. - The conference also included the participation of a large number of distinguished graduation projects for students graduated from the departments of architecture, communications engineering and industrial engineering, as well as projects for students who have not yet graduated from the Department of General Engineering and the new Department of Mechatronics. - Prizes were awarded for the best two projects from each department. - In view of the consensus of the attendees on the success of the conference, the conference organizers recommended the launching of an annual conferences of the same type. This is due to the great benefit of encouraging scientific research in the faculty and inspiring students to raise the level of science and provide all their talents to serve Egypt, the region, and the world.

Conference Agenda:

Download: MSA university - The Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Engineering 2018 - Agenda