New Applicant Tuition Fees Categories, Special Scholarships & Min. Scores for Thanaweya Amma Students (فئات المصروفات الدراسية والمنح الخاصة والحد الادنى للقبول للطلبة الحاصلين على شهادة الثانوية العامة المصرية. ):


 سوف يتم الإعلان عن النسب المئوية لمجموع الدرجات الخاصة بفئات المصروفات فور صدور نتيجة الثانوية العامة المصرية

New Applicants Tuition Fees & Scholarships 2021-2022


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Scholarship Calculator - حساب مصروفاتى الدراسية بعد تطبيق فئة التفوق الدراسى والمنح الدراسية الخاصة

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Tuition Fees, Categories & Special Scholarships 2021-2022 Important Notes:
  • The Student’s Category is applicable till graduation for all applicant either new or external transfer student.
  • The Special scholarships can be combined and calculated from the student’s category fees.
  • Full Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase of 7% prior to the applied categories.
  • The British validation fees are to be paid in the first semester of each academic year by either Pound sterling (£) or it's equivalent value in US dollar ($).
  • New Applicants (Egyptians & Foreigners) must pay tuition fees on campus ONLY.
  • Non-Egyptians must pay their fees in Dollars, through our NBE (National Bank of Egypt - البنك الأهلى المصرى) account ONLY "On Campus".( Account Number: 1823060351711000017 American Dollar).
  • Fourth and fifth year Dentistry students will be charged EGP 500 per semester (Outpatient clinics).
  • For Egyptians with Arab Certificates tuition fees, Click here .
  • For Non-Egyptian tuition fees, Click here .


Refund Amounts & Dates for Tuition Fees (Partial refund only):
  • 80% Until 11th September​ 2021  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 14th of October 2021)
  • 60% from 12th of September until 22nd of September 2021  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 28th of October 2020)
  • No refunds after the 23rd of September 2021
  • No refund for the second semester new applicants.

There is NO REFUND for:

  • Application Fees.
  • Bus fees after first day of classes.
  • Validation fees after first day of classes.


Minimum scores for applying to MSA University 2021/2022 in accordance to the Egyptian Ministry for Higher Education - الحد الأدنى للتقديم بالجامعة طبقا لقرار وزارة التعليم العالي (وليس القبول النهائي بالكلية)

MSA University - Minimum Score for Admission 2021-2022


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