The Best Poster Presentation Award for Pharmacy Graduation Project

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The Best Poster Presentation Award for Pharmacy Graduation Project

Faculty of Pharmacy graduates, Nehal Aasem , Hadeel Mohamed and Abd El-Fattah Sobhy submitted their graduation project titled (Pharmacological Intervention of Chemically Induced Depression in Rats), for poster award competition at The 3rd International Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Natural Products. The project was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Mona EL. Naa and A.L. Ahmed Refaat. After judgment was done by a board of jury on the clarity of poster, overall responses to the questions of the judges and the completeness of work, the poster was announced to have won THE BEST POSTER PRESENTATION. The conference was held on 4-6 January 2014 at the National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. The purpose of the conference was to promote discussion and interaction among academics and researchers in the field of natural products.

The conference was organized by Prof. Ashraf Khalil and included a profound list of speakers such as Prof. Bharat Aggarwal, Prof. Amal Kasry, Prof. Ashraf Abadi and Prof. Kamal Moudgil among others.” Here is the Abstract of the project which is listed in the Abstract Book of the conference: Depression is one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders. It was recently discovered to be mediated by pro-inflammatory. The aim of this study is to evaluate the possible antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects of repeated oral administration of the active constituent of Nigella sativa and thymoquinone. To explore this aim, clonidine was chosen as an induction model of depression (0.8 mg/kg, i.p. for 7 consecutive days). Then for the following 7 days, one group was given thymoquinone (10 mg/kg; p.o.) while the other was given fluoxetine, as a reference standard, (10 mg/kg; i.p.). On the last day of the protocol, behavioral tests were carried out and animals were sacrificed; brains were isolated and homogenized. In summary, TQ is based on its anti-inflammatory properties that could be a helpful tool for assistance in alleviating the symptoms of depression alongside with known antidepressant therapies in order to increase their efficacy and minimize their draw backs.

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