MSA joins The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

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MSA joins The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

MSA joins the exclusive list of international qualifications accepted by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)..

Pharmacy graduates are accepted to sit for board of School of Pharmacy in Canada as MSA graduate of Faculty of Pharmacy Nader Louca Mourad Louca El Zayat (ID 060197) has traveled to Canada to take the Board Exam. The Board council had reviewed all courses and courses description offered by MSA Faculty of Pharmacy and allowed Nader Louca to practice pharmacy in Canada after his successful completion of acceptable qualifications for admission into the Board Evaluating Examinations.

It"s noteworthy that even graduates of pharmacy from Canadian Universities in Canada are required to sit for that exam which indicates that MSA Pharmacy graduates are regarded to be standing on equal footing with their counterparts from Canadian graduates. The significance of this story lays in the fact that MSA graduates who wish to pursue their career in Canada will not be required to take any additional courses to accredit their degrees in Canada. They will only be required to successfully pass the Exam of Evaluating Board.

Congratulations Nader Luka Mourad Louca El Zayat. A copy of the council letter and Nader"s graduation certificate are shown.

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