MSA Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (MSA-EPSF) 2017/2018

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MSA Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (MSA-EPSF) 2017/2018

In an elegant and very well organized ceremony attended by the University President Prof. Khayri Abdel Hameed, Faculty Dean; Prof. Hanan El-Laithy, the director of learning and quality, Dr. Heba Osman and EPSF-MSA academic supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Gina El-Feky, Dr. Maan Gilani, UoG representative at MSA University, Miss Mona Afify, Director of Quality Assurance, students of EPSF-MSA surrounded by their Professors and colleagues launched their agenda for the academic year 2017-2018 after presenting their 2016-2017 achievements which included the following:

* Winning first and second places in the national patient counselling competition.
*Representing Egypt in the Pharmacy students' regional conference held in Kuwait.
*Offering Pharmacy students the opportunity to train in research institutes and Universities in India and Indonesia during 2017 Summer.
* Winning first place in the national scientific research competition.
* Holding a Pharmacy Profession Development Project aiming at demonstrating the importance of pharmacists as public educators and at encouraging and promoting the development of the pharmacy profession in Egypt.

The ceremony ended by honouring students who shared and were behind all 2016-2017 achievements.

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