EPSF National Breast Cancer Campaign with MSA Participation

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EPSF National Breast Cancer Campaign with MSA Participation

On the 5th of February, 2016, thirty five delegates from the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student Federation at MSA University (EPSF-MSA​) shared with other EPSF students from 32 governmental and private faculties of pharmacies from all over Egypt in the National Breast Cancer Campaign arranged by the National EPSF under the motto “Best protection, Early detection” in Cairo Festival City, this campaign coincides the international month for "Breast Cancer Awareness". The campaign was supported by BCFE, Al Awram Hospital, Can Survive and Pink Foundations, and was sponsored by Astra Zeneca, Andalusia Hospitals and El-Ezaby pharmacies.

The campaign started at 8 am with a 10 Km cycling activity in collaboration with Go Bike with the motto " A Ride for A Cause". After which, the EPSFers held public awareness sessions which shed light on the facts and myths surrounding the scary monster; breast cancer; and provided details on the symptoms, self-diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

The sessions were delivered by a number of expert oncologists as Dr. Ayman Abd El-Samea, Dr. Ahmed Ezzat, Dr. Mohsen Mokhtar, Dr. Naglaa Abd El-Razik. Following the sessions,

EPSFers offered the public a whole-day free scan for breast cancer using a portable mammogram.

The day was another success story of EPSF-MSA. It was simply a combination of diligence, determination, sharing and dedication.

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