Bioequivalence Center

MSA University - Pharmacy Bioequivalence Center

1. Introduction:

- The newly established Bioequivalence (BE) Center at MSA University is the first nationally recognized licensed BE Center at an Egyptian private university.

- The Center is established and being administrated by a team of highly skilled scientists and staff from faculty of pharmacy, in addition to several nationalities well-known consultants.

- The BE center is based on many years of academic experience and deep understanding of quality system which has been internationally acknowledged.

- The center provides excellent and compassionate care to every volunteer through modern state of the art clinics, accommodating facilities and highly trained, dedicated staff while maintaining strict compliance with the top clinical practice.

2. Mission:

  • Become global service oriented CRO (Contract Research Organization) in the pharmaceutical field.
  • Deliver fast top quality data, at competitive prices.
  • Ensure absolute comfort and safety of our citizens.

3. Quality Policy:

  • We seek to meet and exceed expectations on the basis of quality international top clinical practices.
  • Our team is experienced and well trained.
  • Our in house S.O.P.s are developed to ensure that our procedures, system, and associated documentation and controls comply with regulatory MOPH guidelines.

4. Organization:

• General Manager: Dr. Mohamed Hafez.
• Managing Manager: Dr. Mohamed El dardiri.
• Technical Manager: Dr. Tarek F. Eissa.
• Quality Assurance Manager: Chemist: Somaia Searge Eldin.
• Clinical Investigator: Dr. Abdel Wahab Mohamed.
• Study Coordinator: Dr. Asmaa Elrayess.
• Chief Analyst.
• Analysis Staff: Dr. Ahmed Yehia.
• Administration Staff. your social media marketing partner