The second international Management conference in MSA

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The second international Management conference in MSA

MSA university is holding the second international conference of Management sciences, in the presence of Prof.Dr.El Elshihy the minister of higher education and scientific research,

major Mohammed Kamal the governor of Giza and procurator of minister of delineation and international cooperation .Also procurator of general works sector, Prof.Dr. Ihab Nadim the head of Ain Shams university, elite of teaching members committee and deans of faculties and media elite, attended the event . Dr.Nawal El Degwi started the event with thanks and gratefulness speech to the great efforts exerted by all workers for that booming huge conference, then she ascertains importance of such event to point out a common benefit for shared countries . This conference was entitled "Managing the transition period in Egypt", under supervision of Prof.Dr. Elsayed Nagi the dean of executive studies faculty, including posit and discussion of 24 researches, submitted by more than 30 researchers.These researches include economic topics such as banks and financial management, political economic and development, management of financial markets and economics of sustainable economics. The conference is held within two days 8 and 9th of May, and is considered as one of the most important steps to overcome managerial and economic crisis. Many students and those who are interested in executive and economic career, attend the conference .

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