MGT Students Publish a chapter in international research handbook

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MGT Students Publish a chapter in international research handbook

Faculty of Management Sciences is proud to host a group of senior students under the supervision of Prof. Doaa Abdou, Economics Department, published a chapter 12 in the International Handbook of Research on Developing Sustainable Value in Economics, Finance, and Marketing.

The handbook is published in United States of America by the IGI. This book is an essential source reference for professionals and researchers in various fields, including economics, finance, marketing, operations management; communication sciences, sociology, and information technology. The team consisted of Alia Farouk, Donia Kamal, Farah Tarkhan, and Nada Mohamed who provided the latest empirical research findings on how sustainable development can work not just for organizations, but for the global economy as a whole. The chapter focuses on the objectives for achieving the fundamental development in resources management and sustainable waste by which this objective plays a vital role in reaching sustainable economic and urban development. The waste management sector tends to serve many different purposes such as: providing enormous working opportunities for low skilled labors, improving the health and hygiene conditions in the urban areas, reducing the emissions derived from the green house effects by adopting an effective and efficient waste and resources management to avoid its harmful emissions. your social media marketing partner
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