Marketing`s Advertising and Media Campaign Projects Judged by Egypt`s Advertising and Sales Gurus

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Marketing`s Advertising and Media Campaign Projects Judged by Egypt`s Advertising and Sales Gurus

The Faculty of Management and Dr. Omnia Zaazou were delighted to host the first exhibit and conference of the projects created for Advertising and Media Campaign (MKT402). The exhibit comprised presentations for the projects submitted by the students and were evaluated by guest judges; Mr. Hazem Derae (Chairman of Look Advertising and the Egyptian Advertising Association; nicknamed The Guru of Egyptian Advertising), Mr. Ahmed Zidan (Deputy general manager of El Ahram Marketing and Advertising Centre; Winner of the Best Global Director Award) and Mr. Ahmed El Shenawy (CEO of Adventure Advertising, partners of Tarek Nour; nicknamed The King of Outdoors).

The aim of this exhibit was to enable the students to create a Professional advertising and media campaign for a company, then present to the judges as if they were the actual company. The students presented an impressive array of projects that impressed the judges, ranging from Brand Boosting and Sales Boosting such Banque Misr, Persil Gel, Sodic "The Strip" to Community campaigns such as "Abuse by NIDO" and "Football Violence by Coca Cola".

In a word with the judges after the exhibit, we found they were overly impressed by the projects and presentations and said that they compete with presentations of students in universities in Holland and Dubai and many of them even competed with professional Sales Presentations that are presented in the workplace today. They also commended the students on their Presentation Skills, Confidence and English Fluency. Mr. Ahmed Zidan also commented "the University has obviously done all it can to prepare the students for the real world, the rest is up to the students". Mr. Hazem also added "a huge part of sales and advertising is talent, and MSA students don't seem to have a shortage of that". Mr. Hazem and Mr. Ahmed El Shenawy also urged MSAians to apply for internships and training opportunities at their companies through Dr. Omnia Zaazou and had a couple of students in mind they were willing to headhunt.

MSA University thanks the judges for their valuable insight and feedback to the students, we would also like to thank Dr. Omnia Zaazou for pioneering MSA activities and events and for exposing our students to such high-profile judges in a constructive environment. Special thanks to the students for their hard work and to Ms. Ranya Ibrahim for supervising the projects. your social media marketing partner
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