MSA Staff Awarded Best PhD Thesis

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MSA Staff Awarded Best PhD Thesis

The best Thesis award of Cairo University was granted to MSA's Ghada Mohamed Ali Alakhdar of Faculty of Languages for her thesis titled: "Cyber Text Morality Online and the Promotion of Cultural Diversity". Under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Sahar Sobhi Abdel Hakim.

The valuable and unique thesis was summed up in the 'Diversity of the World Cultures which have the potential for development through "reactivating solidarity networks and reinventing a lost mode of social interaction." The study in that respect picks up the rhizomes of war machine which present a free model for collective action and production, as it also analyses the nomad and its strategy of mobility and vigour communicated in its weaponry. Heartily congratulations to Ms Ghada M. Ali Akhdar for her achieved unique thesis which earned her the 'Best Theses Awards of Cairo University'. your social media marketing partner
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