Hisham Elwan in the hospitality of the faculty of languages at MSA

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Hisham Elwan in the hospitality of the faculty of languages at MSA

Organized by the faculty of languages , a literary symposium for Hisham Elwan was held earlier that discussed the egyptian spirit in his writings , and attended by Dr.soha raafat ' faculty dean' and a number of staff members and students.

The symposium exhibited samples of hisham's work including " wahat al-khesyan'' that won the 3rd place of soaad al sabbah prize for creativity in 1998 where he strongly criticizes common community beliefs that doesn’t live up to any religious or moral standards .
hisham recalled some family and school situations of his childhood that had a major role in inspiring his writings , also showed pieces of his book " waheed methl al-Olfa " that has three parts ; the first drawn into a state of sophism , second representing wisdom in a brief manner through prolific quotes and the third a tremendous mixture of narration and prose poetry .
Essential discussions rose about sophism and its human identity as it was epitomized in worldwide images and through different cultures . the symposium also concentrated on rhetorical signal snent by the author and the unintended ones only reached by the reader .
Dr . soha expressed great delight with this rich convergence joining her with a great writer with deep authorship experience , very satisfied with the presence and interaction of the students that showed some very promising talents that'd grow with reading to enrich their vocabulary for more crative writings .
Dr Mohamed saeed hasab al-naby , staff member of the faculty od languages whom ran the symposium pointed at the importance of such events that points out unique work and writers with all the ups and downs along the way

Finally, creation of a ''reading club'' was announced that encourages further reading of accomplishments and curriculum vitae of well known authors .

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