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  • Monday, 19 June 2017 00:49

MSA University - Junior Clubs


Students activities is considered to be very important requirements to newly applied students as it will make them distinct and unique among their colleagues, and it will help them achieve what is required from them during their university years in all faculties including presentation skills , communication skills and working as a team.

That’s why MSA University provide a variety of high quality workshops to help the students improve their skills before starting their university years, and our staff will ensure the quality that is given to the students providing them with all the latest each field , to help them become the perfect student.

Clubs Insights:

Available workshops:

  • 1- Engineering Club:

    Engineering Club, Have you ever wondered how objects work?

    Whether you are an aspiring engineer or just a hobbyist, this program will serve your needs. Rest assured with Future Engineer Workshop at MSA, you will get all the answers you need. We will take you through the fields of engineering, from Industrial, Electronics and Communications to Architecture majors.


    You will learn:

    - How cars and machine functions.

    - How building are designed and built.

    - How computers and electronics are built and work.


  • 2- Theatre Club:

    Theatre Club, Are you afraid of public speaking? Do you lack confidence? Theater Club will boost up your confidence and help you get over your fear of public speaking. Dramatic Arts education is an important means of stimulating creativity and problem solving in one’s mind. In Drama class, a student can become another person, experiencing real time roles and exploring what is within while being put in various situations that require reaching real-life solutions.


  • 3- Social Skills Club:

    Social Skills Club, The Social Skills Club is the fastest and easiest way to earn a participation certificate at MSA. The club is not only fun and exciting, but also, is a great way to make new friends among freshmen and older students.


    The variety of social and soft skills will be applied depending on the needs of the participants. Skills will range from team work to presentation skills and problem-solving.


  • 4- JMUN Club:

    JMUN Club, MUN is a great way to be politically and socially active, as well as, aware of the world and the changes concerning it. MUN teaches students problem-solving and public speaking skills. In addition to, the ability to negotiate, research and debate. All are life-lasting skills that are never outdated.


  • 5- Filmmaking Club:

    Filmmaking Club, : Everything in our world is based on communications and arts. From Facebook and twitter to films and cinema. It is a busy world and we are all part of it. In this course, you will learn photography, filmmaking advertising, persuasion tactics and how to handle a heavily followed social media.


  • 6- IN STYLE Club:

    IN STYLE Club, This course focuses on self-expression through clothes and accessories. It provides tips on how to dress different types of bodies, how to coordinate colors and mix and match styles. As well as, what is in-style and currently trending in the fashion world.


  • 7- Fashion Club:

    Fashion Club, Fashion is something we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear, still wake up and choose an outfit. Their choice is based on various factors so in this course, you will learn how to sketch human figures in different poses and body types, mix and compose new colors, and understand the basic concepts of fashion designing.


  • 8- Formulation Club:

    Formulation Club, While having fun the students are learning the art and secrets of cosmetic formulation and contributing to their community through sharing them their hand made products. Such activity will develop students’ skills and passion in the field of formulation creating a competitive MSA graduate in the market


  • 9- Advertising Club:

    Advertising Club, You’ll learn how to advertise for a product and the 7 triggers of marketing which will help you develop many soft skills including persuasive communication, presentation skills and how to press their hot buttons by writing a script for a TV ad.


  • 10- Graphic Designs:

    Graphic Designs, You’ll learn how to turn a TV ad into a flyer, a poster or a banner using Photoshop & Illustrator while at the same time developing the required skills to create an artistic and intriguing designs and following guidelines.


  • 11- Dentistry Club:

    Dentistry Club, You will learn how to carve dentures (set of teeth) yourself using wax. As a dentist, you may assist the patient in choosing the correct size of teeth for the dentures (set of teeth), or simply make the selection himself.



Clubs Calendar:

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