Students of Biotechnology Visit the Center of Food and Feed

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Students of Biotechnology Visit the Center of Food and Feed

Students of Industrial Project in the Faculty of Biotechnology were given the opportunity on the 3rd of March, to visit the Regional Center for Food and Feed..

The students were introduced to the center with its different labs and sections, including vitamin, protein, biotech, food safety, plant waste treatment, and finally nanotechnology sections. The students knew different applications for some instruments that were previously studied, Moreover, they knew briefly the process of waste treatment and how the analysis of proteins and vitamins can be applied in quality control management. T.A Gehan Hammad supervised the students during their visit. At the nanotechnology section, Dr Khaled El Sayed had explained different methods of preparations and characterization of nanoparticles. The students then met Dr. Taher Salah, the Director of Nanotechnology Characterization Center at Agricultural Research Center, who explained how nanotechnology can be involved in biotechnology with its different fields. The students were grateful and thankful to their Dean Dr. AymanDiab, who permitted them to pay the visit. All the appreciation goes to Dr. Gehan Safwat, for her notable efforts in organizing all the course’s field trips. Special thanks to L.A and T.A course AichaTigany and Gehan Hammad. your social media marketing partner
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