Biotechnology students in IceMan Factory

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Biotechnology students in IceMan Factory

The industrial project students visited the ice-man industry. They were supervised with four teaching assistants which organized the visit very professionally, since we were divided into multiple groups to avoid any ciaos and avoid any disruptions to the workers since it is a busy industry and time is a major factor in affecting the production.

This industry is specialized in the manufacturing of a multiple of products such as ice cream, potato chips, biscuits and wafer. We were took on a tour on all the departments, were the workers were kind enough to explain all the products manufacturing processes in very precise and specific details. We were asked to wear hair, and mouth masks to prevent any contaminations since any food industry should be prepared in completely sterile conditions in the sake of the health of the consumers. After having a full tour around the industry, the quality, and managers of each department took the time to answer all the questions of the students. The students left with multiple ideas, and were very grateful to the industry for accepting the large amount of students at the same time. your social media marketing partner
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