The 2nd annual visit to 57357 organized by MSA Science club Featured

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The 2nd annual visit to 57357 organized by MSA Science club

MSA Science club have arranged its second annual visit to 57357 CCHE as part of the awareness partnership between the club and the institution. The visit included 200 students from all 9 faculties and few young staff members. On arrival we were welcomed with a big welcoming screen and banner at the entrance of 57357 honoring the MSA students and MSA Science club.

It started with a video about 57357 CCHE followed by a welcoming speech my Mrs Yomna Amer vice CEO of 57357. After it concluded the program begun, there were technical lectures and tours in the labs specific for biotechnology and Pharmacy students given to them by Dr. Sherif Kamal Head of clinical pharmacy department and other elite staff of 57357. The tours were made in sequence and in parallel to all students synchronized with a general tour visiting the children and the art therapy workshop in which the children of 57357 make real pieces of art as a replacement to physio and psychotherapy.

The charity part of the program was rich, some of students from different faculties have made 2 commercials for 57357 CCHE in the name of the visit for charity reason other have donated blood after passing a qualification tests and analysis. In addition, there was massive money donation from all who have participated in the visit students or staff. The donations were donated by the name of the students and staff to honor them.

Despite the stress that was all over who was working in 57357 due to a sudden high rank visit upon our arrival, they did there best to make the program go and the science club members helped them up to make it a non-forgettable visit. Despite all his concerns and the presence of VIPs Prof. Dr. Sherif Abo El Naga CEO of 57357 CCHE insisted to meet the students of MSA. He wanted talk to them, honoring, encouraging and inspiring them in a very friendly and casual way making it a very unique visit. Many thanks to 57375 CCHE and for all the students who have participated and organized this visit. It was an honor

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