Journal Club 2016

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Journal Club 2016

The faculty of Biotechnology once again provides innovative means of education where on the 30th of April 2016 , the faculty of Biotechnology launched an introductory session describing the format of the journal club. Dr. Amr Ageez, associate professor at the faculty conducted a presentation on the importance of maintaining scientific reading habits.

The presentation illustrated the difference between a primary research paper, and a review, how to read a paper in 10 minutes as well as how to identify the indicators of the author’s main points.

The presentation also displayed the questions that should be asked before and during your reading, and how to take down notes. In the second presentation, Dr. Amr described the usage of Apps in the field of biotechnology. He described the “NEB Tools” app on the iphone and android. He also described how to use Enzyme Finder to select a restriction enzyme by category or recognition sequence, or search by name to find information on any enzyme. In addition he also mentions how to sort results so they make sense to the user then email them to their inbox or connect directly to

Amongst the discussed topics was how to determine buffer and reaction conditions for experiments requiring two restriction enzymes using the Double Digest Finder. All these discussed topics are significant to the field of biotechnology, and providing our students this knowledge is a powerful tool that allows Biotechnology students to excel. your social media marketing partner