Outstanding Biotechnology Grad Presentations, the Jewel on the Crown of MSA University

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Outstanding Biotechnology Grad Presentations, the Jewel on the Crown of MSA University

In the fully-packed Hall of the SSB, students, parents, along with the judging jury, intently paid attention to the graduation projects presented by our remarkable graduating Biotechnology students.

The projects were expertly presented and engaged crucial topics and problems. The students focused on solutions that can be implemented in real-life applications in Egypt to effectively alter the quality of life of Egyptians across several demographics in the medical, industrial and commercial fields.


British representative was cited by Dr. Ayman Diab to have said that “the faculty of Biotechnology is the Jewel on the Crown of MSA University.

As biotechnology is starting to be acknowledged throughout the various fields in Egypt, two students conducted their graduation projects in " Kasr El Eini Hospital" , where they worked on using stem cell technology to treat knee injuries and issues. The students collaborated with a professor from the Faculty of Medicine and joined him in the operating room while he was injecting the stem cells into the patient's knee.

Other two students conducted their projects in "57357 Hospital" and had significant results leaving the head of the department to invite them to carry on with their project during the summer time.

Our students always leave an impact everywhere they go, Vacsera was impressed by the students work and ethics during the period they were accommodating them, that they offered them ten-day training course during the summer.

MSA is as always, delighted with the level of Biotechnology graduates and how they are always ready to add to the job market. Special regards to Dr. Gehan Safwat and Dr. Osama Saad for their endless support to the students and the whole family of Biotechnology for providing the highest caliber of education and support to their students.

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