MSA's Biotech Students Win Nobel Prize Simulation

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MSA's Biotech Students Win Nobel Prize Simulation

MSA University is proud to announce that its excelling Biotechnology students Cherine Amr and Fatma El Zahraa Salama were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Medical Sciences at the Asian Science Camp which was held in Daejon, Korea from the 7th to the 13th of August 2011. Their project was a great piece of work under the title “Targeting a specific receptor in the brain tumor to facilitate the passage of the drug through the blood brain barrier.” Our very own Cherine and Fatma were thrilled to attend the camp and felt lucky to be able to meet several Nobel laureates and even attend their lectures.

The students finally acknowledged "I would like to thank all Nobel prize simulation family for providing me the opportunity first to attend the lectures providing during the season of 2011; then second presenting my proposal"s idea in front of professional examiners; third reaching a part of my dream by winning the first and the only prize of Nobel prize simulation in chemistry and medical sciences; fourth beginning the first step in the application of my project and marketing it and finally giving me a chance to travel to Korea to attend the Asian science camp 2011."

Congratulations Cherine and Fatma, MSA University will always be proud of you. your social media marketing partner