Faculty of Biotechnology's Field Trips

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Faculty of Biotechnology's Field Trips

Academic Field Trips are usually very informative, packed with hands on experiences where students can practically and on site apply the theoretical information they got in class. Field trips are always fun and enjoyable as a social gathering and scientifically enhance and stress the educational information.

Here are a brief of the trips through the Academic Year:

1- The number of Field Trips was increased.

2- The students received the "Guidance Note for Faculty of Biotechnology Field Trips" and they had to sign the guidelines and fill the "Risk Assessment Form" for each trip. Filling that kind of form really brought an instinctive attitude into the students to be aware of the hazardous material in factories.

Students visited:

1- The Glucose and Starch Company

2- Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene

3- Ice Man Manufacturing Company

4- Cell safe cord "Blood Bank" Faculty of Biotechnology"s Students: get ready for harder tasks next semester, be always prepared.

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