Faculty of Biotechnology field trip

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Faculty of Biotechnology field trip

Our students at the Faculty of Biotechnology just got a chance to go on a fieldtrip to the technological unit for dairy products at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University in Giza. The aim of the visit was first to get acquainted with the manufacturing processes of making cheese, custard, rice pudding and yogurt as well as deriving inspiration for a biotechnological venture aimed at solving any challenges faced by the unit during manufacturing or improving one of their pre-existing products.

About 170 students made the trip along with three of our staff members including L.A Shaza Ahmed, L.A Hadi Shahin and T.A Ali Mekki .The personnel at the university highly complimented the students' mannerisms during the visit making comments about how well behaved and responsive the students' were. It is also worthy to mention that the visit is one of a series of activities students partake in each year to plan their proposals for the “Industrial Projects” course.

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