Biotechnology Poster Day

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Biotechnology Poster Day

The faculty of Biotechnology inaugurated the assessments conducted of the industrial projects course.

The poster session is an assessment method held to showcase the student's ability in applying the knowledge received during their previous years of study. The projects presented are a unique combination of academia and the practical life that lies ahead.

154 students presented their novel ideas and concepts to enhance existing methods and products, or even provide solutions to current issues using biotechnological tools and the scientific method. The inspiration for their ideas is developed through a series of field trips and academic visitor sessions who provide an expert insight into their respective fields.

This term some of the visits included: EGC company, Wadi Foods, Dairy Products Technology Unit, ECARU Solid wastes company, Dohler Company, Nanotechnology Center. And academic visitors included Dr. Joaquin Lanz, Director of Delta Aromatics, and Prof. Reham Safwat, Cancer and Clinical pathology, Zagazig University. Upon rigorous follow-up from the involved staff members, the students presented their projects and posters to two separate examiners who based their judging criteria on novelty, comp

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