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Faculty Staff

Name Position Contact Number E-mail
Dr. Abdullah AboGholail F.T. Instructor abugolail@yahoo.com
Dr. Mohamed El Deeb F.T. Instructor moh.eldeeb2@hotmail.com
Dr.Wafaa Ramzy F.T. Instructor Dr_wafaaramzy@yahoo.com
Ms. Amal Tolba Ewida P.T. Instructor amalewida@link.net
Nourhan Ahmed Fouad T.A. Nourhan-fawzy@hotmail.com
Samar Salama T.A. romantic9862000@yahoo.com
Ms. Hala El Marsafy Director of Student Affairs hmarsafy@gmail.com
Dr.Hazem Yassin F.T. Instructor
Dalia Samy T.A. daliasamy9@hotmail.com
Lamis El Sharkawy T.A. lamiselsharkawy@yahoo.com
Noha Mostafa Adel T.A. nohamostafa91@yahoo.com
Yomna Yasser El Akkad T.A. yomna.akkad@hotmail.com
Dr. Abdel Rahman Meero P.T. Instructor meero.hiba@gmail.com
Mr. Essam El Bagoury Instructor ebagoury@hotmail.com
Ms. Marwa Zaazaa P.T. Instructor marwazaazaa@hotmail.com
Prof. Sabry El Attar P.T. Instructor
Dr. Mohamed A. Agwa P.T. Instructor agwa47@hotmail.com
Name Position Contact Number E-mail
Prof. Nagwa Khashba Vice Dean Khashaba5@hotmail.com
Dr.Adel Hamdy F.T. Instructor Ahamdy@msa.eun.eg
Dr.Doaa Abdou F.T. Instructor doaasalman@hotmail.com
Dr.Eman El Bishry F.T. Instructor imanelbishry@hotmail.com
Dr.Heba Helmy F.T. Instructor hebaezzhelmy@yahoo.com
Dr.Magd Khail F.T. Instructor mkahil@msa.eun.eg
Dr.Mohga Bassim F.T. Instructor mohgabassim@hotmail.com
Dr.Adel Fahmy P.T. Instructor adelfahmy34@hotmail.com
Mr.Ramy A.Hamid Assistant Lecturer Grad_ramy@yahoo.com
Doaa Ayman T.A doaa_161@yahoo.com
Eman Negm T.A. emannegm@hotmail.com
May Yasser T.A. Mayoya202002@hotmail.com
Mona Bedier Assistant Lecturer mona.bedir@gmail.com
Sara Abdel Basset Assistant Lecturer Losaegypt@hotmail.com
Rehab El Bordini T.A. rehabfeps@hotmail.com
Dr. Amr Idris Instructor
Hend El Ibiary Assistant Lecturer hedelebiary@yahoo.com
Mahmoud Mohamed El Masry Assistant Lecturer mah.elmasry@gmail.com
Iman Zakaryia T.A. imanzakaryia_feps@yahoo.com
Hossam Tantawy T.A. hosmtantatwi@gmail.com
Nouran Said Mohamed T.A. nouran.s.mahmoud@hotmail.com
Ola Gawdat T.A. olatawfik@hotmail.com
Samah Shalaby T.A. samahshalaby@hotmail.com
Management and Systems
Name Position Contact Number E-mail
Dr.Ghada Ali F.T. Instructor galy@msa.eun.eg
Dr.Karim Mohamed Hamza F.T. Instructor karimhamza@hotmail.com
Ghada King T.A. Ghada.kingosman@yahoo.com
Dr.Emad Elwy F.T. Instructor Emad_elwy@hotmail.com
Dr.Emad Hussein F.T. Instructor elsiesie@operamail.com / eeldin@msa.eun.eg
Dr.Khaled Ghobashy F.T. Instructor Alyg65@yahoo.com
Ms.Heba Adel P.T. Instructor obsequio2011@yahoo.com
Engy ElEbiary T.A. e_elebiary@hotmail.com
Muhammed Salah Nafea T.A. muhammadnafea@gmail.com
Reham Talaat T.A. reham_talaat@hotmail.com
Amira Ayman T.A. amira.aymana@gmail.com
Sally Zahran T.A. sallyzahran@live.com
Dr. Adel Ghannam Instructor adel.ghannam@isg-egypt.edu
Marketing and International Business
Name Position Contact Number E-mail
Prof.ElSayed Nagy Dean of Faculty of Mgt Sciences prof_nagy@hotmail.com
Ms. Samia El Sheikh Director of Student Affairs samiash33@hotmail.com
Dr.Heba Samir F.T. Instructor hopes48@hotmail.com
Dr.Mohamed El Asfouri F.T. Instructor m_asfoury@yahoo.com
Dr.Omnia Zaazou F.T. Instructor omniazaazou@gmail.com
Dr.Yasser Tawfik F.T. Instructor yassertawfik@hotmail.com
Dr.Zeinab Zaazou F.T. Instructor zzaazou@yahoo.com
Mr. Mohamed Foad P.T. Instructor fouad1@lycos.com
Ms. Ranya Shaaban P.T. Instructor rounash@yahoo.com
Dr.Rasha A..Aziz ElNaggar P.T. Instructor rashanaggar@yahoo.com
Bassant Adel Mostafa T.A. bassantadel88@hotmail.com
Noura Said A. Rabo T.A. Noura.abdrabo@hotmail.com
Ranya Ibrahim Yousif T.A. ranya_ibrahimmba@yahoo.com
Safwat Adel ElSharkawi T.A. fimto2000@hotmail.com
Dr.Nehal ElShimy F.T. Instructor
Dr.Abla Amer P.T. Instructor ablaamer@hotmail.com
Marwa Zein Assistant Lecturer marwa.z.s@hotmail.com
Dalia Akmal T.A. dalia.makmal@hotmail.com
Dina El Araby T.A. delaraby09@gmail,com
Dina Mostafa Fakhry T.A. dinafakhry_1hotmail.com
Dr. Moataz Abou Zeid P.T. Instructor abuzeidsmom44@hotmail.com