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MSA University uses English as the medium of instruction and therefore, engineering students applying to one of its programmes must provide evidence of academic English proficiency; otherwise, an New English Placement Test (NEPT) must be taken to determine the proficiency level.

MSA aims to encourage students to improve their abilities and to make use of the unique opportunities provided.

Applicants should have the "Thanaweya Amma", IGCSE, American Diploma, or equivalent certificates.

Transferred students from accredited universities are also considered for enrolment.

MSA selects a limited number of students to be accepted in the Faculty of Engineering to guarantee a challenging learning environment in which students develop their analytical skills and creative abilities.

MSA Engineering disciplines provide unique advantages amongst which are the following:

The most up-to-date curricula in the various disciplines.
Emphasis on computers, internet, scientific trips, mini-projects and educational videos throughout most of engineering courses.
Availability of modern laboratories to perform various experiments.
The optimum educational quality due to a small number of students in each class.
A very close relationship between students and their instructors and assistants.
Available links with British and American Universities.
Use of foreign scientific English textbooks.
Top quality staff whose experience in applying the state-of-the-art learning methods and teaching expertise is coupled with real-world experience.
Validation by Greenwich University of MSA Engineering programmes provides our students with the opportunity to receive a British BSc degree in their disciplines



The Faculty of Engineering at October University for sciences and Arts expects to be among the leading Engineering Faculties, as an educational, research, and societal organization; and works for the provision of distinguished knowledgeable, skillful, and professional graduating engineers to fulfill the local, regional, and international market, and enabling to participate in the national wealth and economic growth.



The Faculty of Engineering at October University for Sciences and Arts strives for offering unique engineering educational programs with breadth, depth, and diversity; providing a highly committed caliber academic staff in educational, research, and societal fields; developing students with creative thinking, and innovative imagination; having technological, intellectual, and professional skills, equipped with design qualifications, technological capabilities, and managerial abilities; and distinguished with social and ethical sense, which would lead to creative solutions to solve societal problems.